3 Reasons To Introduce In-Flight Yoga

Shahram Warsi
Shahram Warsi Aug 29 2018 - 2 min read
3 Reasons To Introduce In-Flight Yoga
The rapidly transforming wellness industry is changing the way people used to perceive it earlier.

The trend of wellness has descended upon the travel industry. Within this new wellness universe, anti-gravity yoga program is something many airline services are focusing on. Industrialists are planning to provide a series of yoga videos via flight’s entertainment system. The procedure will be aiming to enhance the body postures and techniques for a better lifestyle of people, especially travelers.

A report published looked at the physical side effects of hypermobility. Experts say that regular airline travelers are more predicted to suffer from disruption of circadian rhythms, the risk of blood clots, anxiety, and immune system impairment.

Mentioned below are some key elements of an In-Flight Yoga Program:

Improves circulation

Deep vein thrombosis is one major issue which the regular travelers experience. This problem takes the form of a fatal blood clot which results in constant health issues. Flight management will be providing several exercises which can be performed while seated up, ensuring you’re the circulation to pump regularly.

Counteract sitting

It’s essential to get up and walk around during a flight with pro-actively counteracting an essential part of the procedure. The forward fold can be suggested by the programmers, lengthening the hamstrings that get shortened by prolonged sitting. Programs will be rich in offering head backs and normal stretches, ensuring the proper working of the human body.

Nervous flyers

Often nervous flyers experience breathing problem which chokes them now and then. The choking effect gives rise to anxiety which creates a problem for the flyers. Thus, observing breathe is a powerful antidote to eliminate anxiety. Asking the flyers to meditate can be too much. Therefore, favoring your exhale can keep your nervous system calm, ultimately curing the anxiety.     

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