10 beauty trends that may stand out this year

Prabhjot Kaur
Prabhjot Kaur Feb 28 2018 - 4 min read
10 beauty trends that may stand out this year
Beauty business in India has rumbled many folds to enjoy profits in terms of products and services. Here are 10 possible beauty trends that can further revolutionarise the industry.

Beauty can be defined asanamalgamation of traits likeform, color, or shapethat pleases the visual aestheticsof a person.The averagerevenue of the beauty industry is 14% in new products. Based on a woman’s need to look presentable every year we find endless products of beauty enhancers being launched. Some are highly successful while the others fade away into obscurity.

Here are 10 of the beauty trends to set your radar on –

The Beauty Masks
Beauty masks are all the rage these days. In the year 2018 the reach of the product is not going to dwindle down. Rather than the traditional gold or diamond facemasks, the Korean ready to use 15 mins masks are all the rage with the Face Shop and DearPacker providing the shoppers with great many options at a very budget-friendly price.

More Than the Face
Rather the product is being branched out and specifically targeting different body parts like arms, chest, legs, back, etc. taking care of them with as much care as you would of your face.Today, the micro-channelling patches like the ReinPlatz Bio-Cellulose Eye Patch and the DearPacker Gold Collagen Eye Patch are flying off the shelf as they are the best solutions to the erase crow’s feet.

Next-level Eye-Lashes
It is the new trend of the season that has everyone amping up this season to make a statement through their eyes. If you believe that you are lacking in the lash department then the lash-boosting mascaras like By Terry Mascara Terrybly containing ingredients like hyaluronic acid or collagen to promote hair growth in future. L'Oreal Paris Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara is another option that adds length and thickness to your lashes in seconds with the tiny brush-on fibers in it.

Beauty Oils
The days of oil-phobia are now a thing of the past. Experts today are of the belief that oils in general promote healthy hair and skin. Hair oils are the go-to product to add smoothness and shine to those unruly strands. For the skin,cleansing skin oil is the best place to start as it works well with all the skin types in easing away make-up and dirt.

The Hair Cut
Beauty is not always about the products but also the haircuts. 2018 is the year when you might want to go all out considering sporting the long tresses orthe cute pixie cuts. These extreme styles are taking over in the fashion world upcoming year.

Graphic Nail Designs
Not a fan of monotonous colours and want your nails to showcase the wild side of you,then you are in luck. The graphic nail art is the new ‘IT’ item of 2018 with nail trends like geometric prints, negative space,and minimalist accent nails becoming more popular than ever before.

Bright eyes
Muted colours are a thing of yesterday. Rather than brightening your clothes it is better if you brighten your eyes instead. The bright eyeshadows with vibrant liners are the rage these days. Bold blue, fiery orange, sunny yellow, etc. are the paints to use for a night out in town.

Our Roll
Beauty is not everyone’s game without the proper ingredients to back it up and that is what a facial roller really is. It is the mainstream product of the year used by many to de-puff their puffiness, tighten pores as well as soothe and prep tired skin.

Lip tints
Farewell matte lip and hi lip stains. The new age lip colour that unlike a gloss or lipstick does not fade away quickly. The stains literally leave everlasting tincture on your lips. The long-lasting colour fades away naturally in the meanwhile providing you with extremely kissable lips.

Wet and wild hair
The last trend is the type of hair that is favoured in the year 2018. Startingwith rocker chic to super-slick styles and messy bedhead waves, every one of them is in this year.

2017 was the year of anti-pollution, probiotic and spiritual skincare solutions that are still going strong. 2018 would be an even bigger in innovation that it witnesses in beauty products. So great would be the year that it is expected to cross the previously grossed revenue in the coming future.

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